If your child has gotten new shots and seen a Doctor  please bring the shot record and Physical to the Nurse. Please make sure your child gets there Kindergarten shot before the start of the school year or they can not start school. Also if you child has a Health Condition please make sure the Nurse is aware and that we have the needed medication at school with a Doctors note. Due to the increase of illnesses please make sure your children stay home if have fever 100 or higher and vomiting.  Please make sure they are getting enough sleep and eating breakfast in the morning.

Welcome to Jefferson my name is Mrs. Stones and I have been a Pediatric nurse for 13 years.This is my sixth year at Jefferson.  My job as a school nurse is taking care of sick and injured children. I also do teaching on hygiene, handwashing, wellness, and human growth. I also do health screenings once a year on students in Kindergarten through Forth grade.
 Please feel free to  Contact me with  any questions or concerns .
Anissa Stones
402 554-6590